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Hi, I’m (Chris WalkerOpens in a new tab.), and I gained several years of experience working within the ducting, air conditioning, and ventilation industry whilst I worked at i-sells.co.ukOpens in a new tab.. During this time, I learned a great deal from industry experts about condensation, mold, and (most importantly) how to prevent mold and mildew in homes, on upholstery, and just about every place it can grow and live. I also have several years of working within the bathroom industry where I learned about condensation issues, how to solve them, and the mold and mildew they cause whilst working at C.P.Hart BathroomsOpens in a new tab..

I have used this knowledge and experience to eradicate mold and mildew growth in a flat that I rented for over two years, and now in my own home, where I use new techniques to both clean and prevent mold growth in the attic, crawl spaces, bathroom, kitchen, and other problem areas.

Dealing with new cases of mold sparked enthusiasm to understand as much as I could about mold, for some reason, it started to really interest me. I wanted to know why and how it grows in basements, on fruits and other foods, and just about anywhere else, if mold can grow there, I want to find out how best to remove it and stop it from ever coming back, or better yet, stop it growing in the first place.

I’ll be completely honest, I never thought I would end up getting excited about mold, but the more I learn, the more fascinated I become with it. It has got the the point now that in my day job, I’m called “the mold guy”, which I’m not entirely sure I should take as a compliment, but hey, it’s nice I’m known for something I guess.

It is my absolute aim to answer each question as thoroughly as I can to make my articles as helpful as possible, with simple explanations and “How To” guides to make the process of mold elimination as effective and hassle-free as possible.

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