About Mold Tutor

Mold Tutor has been created in order to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding mold and its effects.

The main contributor Chris Walker has over two years of experience working within the ducting, air conditioning, and ventilation industry. During this time, he learned a great deal from industry experts about condensation, mold growth, and (most importantly) how to prevent mold and mildew growth in the first place in homes, on upholstery, and within vehicles.

He has used this knowledge and experience with eradicating mold and mildew growth in a flat that he rented for over two years, and now in his own home, where he is using new techniques to both clean and prevent mold growth in the attic, crawl spaces and bathroom, and kitchen areas.

Dealing with new cases of mold sparked an enthusiasm to understand more about mold and why and how it grows, from moldy basements to mold growing on fruits and in coffee makers, if mold can grow there, Chris and the Mold Tutor team are there to find out how best to remove it and stop it ever coming back.

We very much hope to answer each question thoroughly, but with simple explanations and “How To” guides to make the process of mold elimination as simple and effective as possible.

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