Our Editorial Process

Mission and Values: My mission at Moldtutor.com is to provide accurate and concise information on mold-related issues. The aim is to provide guidance on prevention, remediation, and related topics in a way that is simple to understand and actionable.

Target Audience: The content I write is written for people dealing with mold-related issues in their homes and daily lives. I aim to make it understandable to people with minimal prior knowledge, offering insights into identifying, preventing, and resolving mold issues. I also answer questions relating to the safety of various food items affected by mold and give advice on how you can safely remove it.

Expertise: The content is curated by myself, as I have a background in the ventilation, ducting, and bathroom industries, and have been taught by mold remediation professionals about the dangers, causes, and preventative measures that can be taken against mold growth, as well as learning more detailed information such as strain type recognition and potential health implications associated with its ingestion or inhalation from various courses and workshops. I have also researched fungal growth for several years after purchasing my own home and needing to treat mold and mildew in several rooms. After years of experience, I hope to be able to pass on the valuable knowledge I have gained.

Sources and Citations: All information presented on Moldtutor.com is thoroughly researched and sourced from credible, high-authority publications. Any facts and figures I present are cited from reputable sources from authoritative sources, I do this to make sure the information I present is reliable.

Content Guidelines: We focus on DIY solutions and straightforward answers to common questions regarding mold. The content I create is designed to be easy to understand and implement for individuals with little prior knowledge of mold and the issues it can cause.

Accuracy and Accountability: We prioritize accuracy and accountability in our content. Information is cross-verified against multiple sources, and any inaccuracies discovered are promptly addressed. Citations are provided to enable users to verify the information independently.

User Interaction: I encourage user engagement through comments and any questions regarding the articles, and I am fine with constructive criticism. Offensive language, however, will not be tolerated, and any such comments will be promptly removed.